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If you’re reading this, then you and I may be from the same tribe of Hard-Core Strength Warriors!

Men who are in a constant, desperate search for new training challenges that push the limits of our physical, mental and emotional potential.

We are obsessed with getting stronger, becoming more athletic and dominating every challenge we’re offered.

“Getting fit” is not good enough for us.

You and I NEED to test our will, throw caution to the wind and hold achievement, not safety as our ultimate goal in fitness and in life!

Warriors DO NOT have time for bullshit… so I’ll cut straight to the chase.

About a decade ago I played my very last game as a Division IAA football player.

Football, sports and lifting weights had been the focus of my life up until that point. On that rainy afternoon upon losing our final game of the season to our conference rivals it seemed as though my days as a Warrior had come crashing to a devastating HALT.

Have you ever had an injury that stopped you from doing something you’re passionate about?

Have you ever had to hang up your cleats and move on to something else that would challenge you?

It is extremely hard for any Hard Core Warrior, to have lost their life’s passion and commitment — but a true warrior will turn and focus his attention on choosing the NEXT battle.

Well, that is exactly what I did… BUT I discovered one very disturbing fact……


I often joke that I must have been either a Spartan, Viking or from some other “warrior culture” in a former life.

Guys like you and I become easily frustrated with all of the laziness, lack of focus and liberal values in a modern world more concerned with comfort and safety than self-reliance, discipline and achievement.

As for my next battle, I decided to venture out into the “real world” after college for the firs time to become an intern and student of “The Art Of Strength & Conditioning.”

Having made up my mind that the “higher power” had called me to become a teacher of The Art, I enrolled in a school that claimed to offer the highest quality education for today’s Strength Coach to use in the preparation of potential warriors.

As it turned out… The entire operation was a JOKE!

These teachers had never been hardened by the battle of wills or hungry opponents that we, as warriors, faced through sport.

The “other” students of The Art, were more interested in the attainment of a useless piece of paper they called “a degree”, than the acquisition of REAL battle tested methods for the building up of rugged, hard core warriors.

And the coaches themselves… were shameful, half-men-half-boy, bastardized versions of what, in earlier days would never have been considered REAL men.

You would have been sick to your stomach… perhaps, even as depressed as I had become in my loneliness.

The way I see it, if you want to become mentally and physically strong you are going to have to get comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE. How can you expect your mind and body to grow without stepping out of your comfort zone?


What most people call fitness, or “working out” is nothing more than a feel-good figment of their imaginations created by globo-gyms and exercise machine manufacturers to sell more of their useless crap!

Unfortunately you and I have seen a lot of weak minded people take a large juicy bite out of this forbidden fruit.

The roots of bodily training and physical preparation is found deeply embedded in the ancient disciplines of all successful cultures.

Training for these men was not about getting thinner waists or making their biceps “peak”.

They trained because their lives, the lives of their countrymen and loved ones depended on it. Now this is something I could relate to. Maybe you’re like me and you’re a warrior at heart too. My heart told me that if I wanted to discover the way of the warrior it wasn’t something I was going to learn in school. It was time to pack my bags and continue my quest for:


After parting ways with the educational sham I encountered early in my career, I was introduced to a very rare and interesting man who lived the humble life of an outcast warrior.

The very first thing I noticed upon meeting this man, who would become my coach, were the heavy odd objects and rusty weight training equipment neatly organized in his yard and garage.

Never before had I been exposed to the philosophy that with the use of ODD OBJECTS such as 700 pound Tractor Tires, Sand Filled Kegs, Heavy Logs, and Concrete Cast Stones that looked like giant marbles, would be tools I could use to construct the largest, most functional and powerful physical body I had ever possessed!

To me this was the most exciting discovery since playing my first down of football over 20 years ago… but to my strongman coach and the men who had used “odd objects” and heavy weights to forge strength, function and stamina, it had been a way of life!

Over the next several years I trained diligently under the watchful eye of my Warrior Coach to compete in a test of will against these ominous odd objects and heavy weights.

When the time was ripe, I once again entered the Gladiators Arena…I was ready to compete in the sport of Strongman. I’m not the type to brag but I was so successful that I earned the rank of Professional Strongman just like the guys you see compete on ESPN!

With the help of my warrior coach I documented this same method of training that has been proven to bring out all of the latent strength, power and athleticism that resides deep within EVERY man!

TAKE NOTES: You do NOT need to compete in the sport of strongman for this type of training to benefit you. If you want to build strong dense Hybrid muscle that has a very strong resistance to fatigue this type of training is the best thing out there. If you’re interested in being athletic, tough and a hybrid warrior grab a pen and paper! I’m about to share you with the exact training philosophy I like to call….

Here is how this system for building wildly aggressive, hard core, functional strength and conditioning works:

First, if you haven’t already begun building your arsenal of “odd objects”, you can get started quickly with the information I’ll share with you later about creating your own homemade equipment… fast and cheap!

Next, is designing your training plan.

1. We build Hybrid Strongman strength in four week cycles.

Week one is dedicated to HIGH VOLUME and HIGH INTENSITY work.

Week two is dedicated to MODERATE VOLUME and HIGHER INTENSITY work.

Week three is dedicated to LOW VOLUME and SUPER HIGH INTENSITY work.

Week four is dedicated to what we call The De-Load for muscle growth and recovery.

I’ve used this training cycle for myself and my athletes for the past three years with incredible results.

This simple cycling of training parameters literally turns boys into men!

As you can see from this page taken straight out of my personal training diary…

2. We structure our workouts with descending neuromuscular complexity

Because our system is HYBRID, we ensure to honor multiple strength qualities and training modalities in every workout.

The first exercise has to be the most “Hardcore” to build function and power, so we begin with our Strongman movement.

The following “Assistance” exercise is designed to support maximal strength in the Strongman movement.

The final set of “Accessory” movements are bodybuilding exercises used to build up lagging weaknesses and to add muscle mass.

The following is an example from my training diary also…

With the two principles above you have the foundation for building Hardcore Hybrid Strength for yourself or your clients, but…

What if I made my entire Hardcore Hybrid Strongman training diary available to you to use and follow as if it were your own?

Well, for the simple reason that I want to share everything I’ve learned about constructing rugged, modern day warriors with you I took everything that is outlined in my personal journals and packaged them for you here in the:

When You Invest In Hardcore Hybrid Strongman
Here’s Exactly What You Get:

Video #1: Strongman / Odd Object Training


Video #2: Assistance Exercises


Video #3: Accessory Exercises


My Personal Strongman Training Journal

(Now published as a digital book which includes:)


A 4-Week Strongman Training Template for Sports & Fitness. It combines strongman training with elements of power lifting, bodybuilding and conditioning. Kill it for three weeks followed by a week off. Or you can pick one of the workouts and add one full body strongman training day per week in addition to your current routine.


You’ll also get the exact same 6 Week Strongman Show Prep routine that I used to win my Pro Card. Once you complete our program above you might just get addicted and decide to compete like I did. That’s when this 6-week show prep routine will come into play.

Special Bonus For Today Only!

One thing that has been consistent since I began weight training is that I’ve always kept a training journal.

Little did I realize how valuable this practice would be to me, and especially to other guys that could learn from my successes and failures as well.

That’s why instead of creating some “new and improved” program for you to follow, I simply copied THE EXACT workout formulas that I personally followed from my strongman training journal… for YOU to follow.
These are the exact workouts and the same training journal I kept when I was preparing to become a PROFESSIONAL STRONGMAN.

This Manual Is NOT Theory… It’s Been Tested And Proven! To make this a super high quality product like nothing else you’ll find, I even hired a professional video guy to film my strongman buddies and I demonstrate everything in the manual so you’ll know exactly how to apply this information.


To be perfectly blunt with you, I had a great time creating this program. There’s currently a waiting list of people that have been asking for this kind of information from me and I’m so happy that I can finally share it with the world.

You see people have been waiting a long time because quite frankly there aren’t a lot of pro strongman competitors that:

a) Are willing to share their training information.
b) Have the time to write it all out and pay to have their training sessions filmed.
c) Have any idea how to make a web site or accept credit cards online.

This information is highly specialized. It’s not intended for everyone but it is intended for hard-core warriors like you and I.

After you try these workouts you will not like me. You will hurt. But you will survive and you’ll be stronger and tougher than ever!

If you’d like to join us click the big orange Add To Cart button below and get ready unleash the beast!

Your brothers in strength,

Elliott Hulse, CSCS

leanhybridmuscle at gmail.com

P.S. We’re so confident that you’ll reach your goals faster by trusting us that we want to throw any hint of doubt you may have completely out the window by shifting all the pressure from your shoulders onto our shoulders…

NOTE: Hard-Core Hybrid Strongman is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, audio, and video files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


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