Nature HATES Weakness… That’s Why Only The STRONG Survive!

Build Lean Muscle

Build Lean Muscle

Build Lean Muscle

You’re About To Discover The  Secrets To Developing The Raw Physical Strength And Power Of Olympic Athletes, Power Lifters and Martial Artists.

Build Lean Muscle

Dear My Strength Obsessed Friend,

I’m sure you’d agree that there is nothing worse than a faker, poser or fraud.  Someone who “looks the part“, but is NOT the real deal!

You know these guys… they’re the ones driving expensive cars, but can barely buy gas.

They’ve got that “tough guy” look, complete with tattoos, spray on tan and baseball cap, but could never hold their own when the sh*t goes down.

And worst of all, they’ve often got a few over-inflated muscles strategically placed on their chest and biceps, yet lack the strength to max out with YOUR warm up weight!

It’s Despicable!

Way back in 1908, the great wrestler and weight lifter Author Saxon said, “I judge a man by his athletic capabilities and strength, NOT by useless and artificially swollen muscles, developed with the mistaken idea of gratifying the somewhat vain desire for personal gratification.”

Imagine what Mr. Saxon would have to say about today’s puffy muscled punks with their ‘pose and pretend’ routines rashly executed in so called fitness gyms throughout the nations.

One thing I know for sure is that this Legend Of Strength would either slap those featherweights with a kettlebell, or simply excuse them from the gymnasium to make room for real athletes.

Over Inflated Muscles That Lack Real Power = FAILURE

This Milli-Vanilli Muscle that is all-show and no-go is exactly what 100% of the “muscle building gurus” and phony-fitness magazines are teaching people to strive for.  They tease you with “Photo-Shopped” images of nineteen-year-old underwear models who are all puffed up from a cycle of steroids; or show their pathetic high school tennis team ‘before pictures’ followed by a current image of themselves flexing

on Miami Beach… twelve years later!

The real problem is that these vampires have sunk their fraudulent fangs in to the minds and hearts of aspiring weight trainers and unsuspecting strength seekers, who get distracted by theses Dog and Pony Shows of Hollywood Glitz and Glamour.

Most of their training advice is centered around machine workouts, strict robot-like form and pure bodybuilding routines.

When the truth is…

Raw, Masculine Strength and Power = SUCCESS

It doesn’t matter if you are 14 or 64 years old… every man, woman and child knows deep down that physical strength demands respect and commands attention.  STRENGTH is the foundation for success in sports, sophistication and sex.

In short, Strength Equals Alpha Power!

You’re either born with it or you work hard to get it.

But the type of strength that I am talking about does NOT materialize in the manner of your typical emasculate muscle pumping punks and supplement slurping slobs.

What I’m talking about is Aggressive Physical Power that bestows its bearer the confidence that he WILL overcome any opposition and challenge to his person or noble objectives!

The man who maintains this power has, in his hands, the ability to control his destiny and dominate his physical environment.

This man of bodily Alpha Power stands erect with deep, dense, sturdy muscle tone.

He walks with a resilient, athletic spring in his step.

He breaths slow and deep.

His eyes bear a strong and steady stare when he salutes men, or receives women.

He IS Strength.

Build Hybrid AGGRESSIVE Strength Now

When your ready-to-go muscles spring into action, their movement is infused with two very important fitness qualities.

Maximal Strength + Plyometric Power

This “Aggressive Hybrid Strength” not only produces enough force to move heavy objects but it can also execute with speed.

Basically, we combine heavy weight training with explosive plyometrics within the same workouts… in fact this system of training calls for the execution of a “power move” immediately after your heavy lift.

We call these strength and plyometric combos, Aggressive Strength Complexes.

With my Aggressive Strength Complexes, that you plug into your current strength training sessions, you will immediately notice:

  • A Harder, More Dense Muscle rippling beneath your skin.
  • Greater Speed, Power and Endurance.
  • Increased Energy due to a highly adaptive nervous system.
  • An Improvement in your VO2 Max for greater oxygen utilization.
  • An Aggressive, Alpha-Like Confidence when posed with challenge.


This Training Is Not For The Timid Or Faint Of Heart

Build Lean Muscle

First, it requires that you have a good foundation of base strength.

This means that you can squat or dead lift your body weight, perform at least twenty push ups and five or more chin ups…. at bare minimum!

If you can not perform, don’t even bother reading the rest of this article.

This is not to be mean or cold hearted.  I just don’t want anyone to harbor false hopes or visions of grandeur, when they lack the basic tools for success in this vigorous endeavor.

Next, this training will require you to get uncomfortable!

That’s right, I said it.

The type of aggressive physical power that we are after is the same “Holy Grail” of performance that Olympic Athletes and Fighters train for.

So if you are asking yourself shallow questions like, “how long will this take to work?” or “what about this weird bump on my elbow?” or “can I do this training with my girlfriend after Zumba class?” — Just forget about it!

Finally, in our world of digital content, e books and blogs, highly valuable information, that in some cases are hundreds of generations old, gets pimped out, poked and prodded by every pencil-neck with a PC.

Basically, information which was once considered sacred becomes easily bastardized by popular culture and commercials (just look at what has happened to Kettle Bells and Yoga!).

So, if I give you an opportunity to try 13 of My Most Sacred, Aggressive Strength Complexes you must keep two promises….

#1. That you will actually USE these complexes to build your strength and power.  If you just like reading books or watching cool new training videos, only to let it sit on your computer never to be used… Please Do Not Apply.

#2. That you will never share these 13 plug-ins with anyone other than your training partner.  It’s not that I’m worried about losing a few bucks… It’s because it is difficult for people to see the real value in things when they haven’t paid for it.

That’s why old-time martial arts masters would only accept students after months of submission to physical and emotional challenge… they’ve got to “pay the price” and exercise their willingness to sacrifice before they can really appreciate what they were about to learn.

If this is clearly understood, then I would like to introduce the:


This kit includes 10 bad ass, gym based Aggressive Strength Complexes + 3 Bonus Hard Core Complexes which include strongman equipment and odd objects (for my warehouse gym rats).  When you plug these complexes into your current workouts you will EXPLODE your muscle, strength and power potential beyond belief!

You’ll get instant access to 13 downloadable, streaming videos with Elliott & some of his training partners taking you through these complexes.  PLUS The Aggressive Strength Complex manual with step by step instruction for execution.

ONLY $19.97

SO… you’re probably wondering why we are offering this program for such a low price, right?

The truth is that my partner Mike and I have got DOZENS of brand new Hybrid Muscle training, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs, PDF’s and videos for you just sitting on our computers waiting to be released to you… but instead of writing one of these long articles to offer it to you each time, I would much rather just GIVE YOU OUR PRODUCTS FOR FREE (it just makes things easier for all of us).

Well, Aggressive Strength Complexes is actually our bribe for you to join our “Hybrid Muscle Tribe” where you will get FREE access to every single product that we create, forever!

Let me say that again just in case you missed it… when you grab a copy of “The Aggressive Strength Complex Kit”, you will also get a free trial to our Hybrid Muscle Tribe website where we will release every single one of our LHM programs, that usually sell for $19 – $197… for FREE!!

In my humble opinion, this is by far…

The Best Deal EVER Offered!

Really, I don’t think anyone else is as bold (or as crazy) as we are, to create a “Tribe” that gets first dibs at a free copy of every book, DVD or program that the author creates!

After your 14 day free trial that comes with your initial purchase of Aggressive Strength for $19.97, you will become an official Hybrid Muscle Tribe Member at the regular low monthly price of $19.97. This is really just an “overhead fee” that allows us to keep the website running and to continue paying our staff members to help edit videos and update websites… ya know?

If within 14 days you decide that The Hybrid Muscle Tribe doesn’t jive with you, then just cancel and you’ll never be charged another dime.

It’s really just as simple as e mailing our customer service rep, Al, at leanhybridmuscle at

Just tell him that you’d like to cancel your membership and he’ll handle it right away.

Also, a usual you’ve got our 60 day money back guarantee… so, if for any reason you are not happy with this program just shoot a e mail to the address above and you’ll be refunded ASAP.

ONLY $19.97

To A Stronger, Leaner You,

Elliott Hulse, CSCS


leanhybridmuscle at

NOTE: Lean Hybrid Muscle “Aggressive Strength” is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, audio, and video files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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