Ever “SHOOT YOUR LOAD” Too Soon?

Under Exercises To Build Muscle

A large percentage of men have this embarrassing little

Heck, even I have done this before.

Here is what happens…

You’ve found a new love, something (or someone) that
you are heads over heels about.

Every waking moment you think about this thing; you
want to “do it” all the time.

Non-stop, everyday… YOU’RE OBSESSED!

In all of you excitement you lose your head… you forget
to stop for a moment and take a relaxed breath.

Instead of being systematic and mindful about your
approach, you let passion whip you up into a tailspin.


It’s over.

You’ve become impotent.

In your haste you’ve ignored the very thing that will allow
you to last longer.

Of course we’re talking about strength training or working

And now that you’ve overdone it, you only have two choices:

#1. You can rest a few weeks, until you feel better. Then go
back to doing the same things that caused you injury in the
first place.

#2. Create a more systematic approach to your training, that
includes more mobility and recovery work, so you can last
longer… and keep getting stronger.

Look, everyone starts out like a Wild Stallion… aroused with
tons of excitement and passion.

But if you keep shooting your load too early, never giving
your body the care it needs to make it through the long haul…

Then you’ll always be a little boy on the inside, no matter how
stiff, old and hairy you grow on the outside.

And THAT is an embarrassing state of affairs.

Become the type of man you know you can be… Try this:

Grow (up) Stronger,
Elliott Hulse


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