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Q.  Dude this sport is like crazy.  There are guys who do like 40 and 60 sets per bodypart when they train then there are others that do only one heavy set per bodypart and now I hear there is a guy who is does only one rep per an exercise.  What’s up with only doing one rep for a set and how is it done exactly?

e-mail from:  Elroy A.

Answer:  You are right, clown dog, things are so crazy in this muscle building world, that the confusion alone can give a person a headache just like your girlfriend or wife (also known as the war department) gets just before you are getting ready to take her to the nasty mat.

The 1-Rep-Per Set isn’t really that new and in fact was popularized by NABBA Mr. U.S.A. and Universe winner Rob Colacino back in 1996. The basis of his one-rep training s (called Psycho-Burst Training), which he still does to this day,  is to do the most amount of work working the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time.

Does the 1-Rep per Set work?  Well the 41 year old Rob stands 5’ 9 ½ “ and in his prime weighted 245-pounds and sported arms measuring 22-inches, so you tell me if doing 1-rep per set works.  Here are some encapsulated quotes by Rob Colacino, describing how he does a slow motion 1-rep per set for the Bench press.

“One routine for chest would be flat bench presses 2 warm up sets of 8-10 reps at light weight (not taxing self, but warming up).  Grab a weight that is heavy to you. Experiment at first because you will have to find out what your weight will be for each exercise.”

“Now for the bench press.  Find a weight. 2 spotters are there with you, one for each side of the bar to put back the bar.  Grab the weight bring it down on the negative part of the exercise very slow.  Touch the chest, bring it up.  Stop ¾ of the way up hold it there.  I count to 50 in my head.  Not a normal 50, but a fast 50.  I might go more or less than that, it depends on how you feel that day.  Bring it up slowly after you do the ¾ rep holding it.  Bring it up slow, slow, inch it up until you are contracted all the way.  Hold it there locked out for as long as you can, then lower it back down on the negative part of it.  Stop ¾ of the way, hold it there.”

“Again count to 50 in your head (more than that or less than that, just do your best to hold it there).  Bring it down slowly, slowly, slowly.  To about ½ way maybe less than ½ way. Stop there.  This is where it really gets tough.  You hold it there for as long as you can, then it lower it slowly, slowly, slowly down too touch your chest.

Now this is where it gets very important.  From there, you try to bring the bar back up.  You tell the spotters to leave you alone.  Make sure they know before the set to leave you alone.  You tell them when you are dead – when to take the bar from you.  You push the weight off your chest.  I don’t care if it doesn’t even go off your chest just contract, contract, contract, you push, you push.  Your try to get another rep as hard as you can.  You don’t stop until you feel you are dead.  And then you say “Take that damn weight away from me”.

“And let the guys rack it for you. And then thank them for helping you out. You know finding spotter is very hard sometimes, just pick someone you trust.  Obviously there are people in my gym I trust and there are people I don’t trust sometimes I have picked the wrong person and they have taken the weight away from me when they shouldn’t have – very bad.

Find the right spotter for you, someone you trust.  Now that was your flat bench press.  Now you rest. You rest for as long as you want, 2-5 minutes.  You go to incline bench presses.  You perform the incline bench presses the same exact way…”

The above description is just a brief glimpse and glance into the very detailed Psycho-Burst™ Training System as performed by Rob Colacino.  If this tickles your fancy I’ve got 18 more bench press workouts for you in my new Bench Press Explosion report.

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  1. ALLYG6
    March 15, 2012
    12:34 am

    Back in the day, when I was young, However, I am not young anymore(1983) I got my training day on with Ray Mentzer and he call it…”4-Phase Contraction” although this sounds like this could be just as difficult.


  2. Earl
    March 15, 2012
    3:30 am

    Nice article, I’m now 73 and although I can’t handle the weight I used to it looks like a great way to at least maintain what I have.


  3. levi cullen
    March 15, 2012
    12:34 pm

    I will be intouch and let you no how i go on with the 1 rep max programm, could you send me a good training programm split over 4 days into 2 body parts a day would really appreciate it with thanks mr levi cullen


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