The “Death By Dead Lifts” Challenge

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If you are anything like me, you LOVE a challenge!

Especially physical challenges that force you to work
harder than ever.

For me, challenges like this give me a small glimpse
of what I am really made of. And it is also a way for
me to gauge the character of my clients and training

That’s why I am eager to share this workout challenge
created by Nick Nilsson on Page 397 of his new manual,
“The Best Back Exercises You Never Heard Of.”

Basically you take a barbell loaded with weights that you can
only perform 4-6 stiff legged dead lifts with.

Then as soon as you complete the 4-6 reps, immediately
continue with as many regular dead lifts as possible.

I have to admit that this may be as tough as one of the events
in my strongman shows… and most people do NOT have the
guts to push that hard.

So, proceed with caution OR balls-to-the-wall enthusiasm…
depending on what “type of person” you are ;)

Nick’s book is jam packed with almost 150 exercises and
workouts for building a thicker, stronger back… just like
this one.

If you decide to take this challenge feel free to post your score
on the LHM blog or on my Facebook wall. I’d love to hear
how you do!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – I really like adding new exercises to my routine to “shake
it up” a little.

Nick’s book contains TONS of new back muscle building moves
that I’ll be adding this week. I’ll have some videos for you to see

Try these out with me ->


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