6-Pack Finishers (not beer)

Under Burn Fat/Fat Burning

Really… this is NOT about sucking down beers!

And if you’re like me… you hate beer.

Nothing adds to a chronic case of belly bloat syndrome
like sudsy, pasteurized beer.

I prefer hard liquor instead ;)

No, this e mail is about 6-Pack Ab Finishers.

The short metabolic thrashing full body routines that
you add to the end of your workouts to increase fat loss
and stuff.

Here are 33 Finishers all designed for carving you a
chiseled set of 6 pack abs.


Giddy up! And Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – Tomorrow I’ll share my favorite ab finisher routine
with you.

See ya then!


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